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Desktop Final Visual Inspection System


General-purpose manual final visual inspection system for desktop use. Resolution is 20 to 30 µm (for general boards). Lighting can be selected between fluorescent lamp (standard) and halogen lamp, which is suitable for testing gold pads.

Applicable boards Gold plated, copper flux, solder-leveler printed
Max. board dimensions 340(W)×400(L)mm 200×300
Optical resolution 20 to 30 µm/pixel
CCD camera 7,450-pixel, B/W line sensor
Lighting Fluorescent lamp (halogen lamp)
PC specification OS:Windows2000 CPU:Pentium4, 3Ghz and over Memory:2GB
Software Adln Scope general purpose board test module, Adln Scope VS module
Main checking functions Pattern matching, DRC, shape check, etc.
Defects to be detected Gold (copper) pad: Contamination, foreign matter, scratch, missing pad, discoloration, cracked bump, dent
Resist surface: Pad on misaligned resist, foreign matter, deep cut, exposed copper, etc.

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