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High-speed/High-precision Fully-automatic Bare Board Test Systems


Advancing the high-performance requirements of conventional models, the DIGITALGALAXY 430 offers improved speed and usability. Along with the enhancement of safety mechanisms on the machine, the manufacturing process has been reassessed resulting in a significant reduction in price.

Applicable boards

・Single/Double-sided PCBs
・Multilayered PCBs
・Buildup MLBs, BGAs, MCMs, CSPs

Applicable board dimensions 60 x 25 to 330 x 400 mm
Applicable board thickness *1 0.2 to 2.0 mm
Tact time Approx. 3.0 s
Max. check points 8,192 / 6,144 points per upper/lower jig
(16,384 / 12,288 points in total)
Measurement units *2 TY-CHECKER HSU,HSM
Options ・Auto-step
・clean roller
・auto loader/unloader
・auto alignment
・variable transfer speed

*1 Varies with the specification of board.
*2 In case of lower resistance, test results may be unstable depending on the specifications of probe pin and board.