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Handy Inspection System Applications of Advanced FPC Technology

Prober Series

Because of the almost delirious pace at which test pieces change, a handy flexibly applicable inspection system can be more effective than introducing a large stationary system. Taiyo Industrial can manufacture jigs and systems to fit inspection needs whether for LCD panels, organic EL panels, or other target product.

 Manual Prober TMPB-60-512

Manual Prober TMPB-60-512

This prober is for testing the cell lighting of small panels with rear-side contact terminals such as organic EL, STN-LC and other displays.

 Manual Prober TMPF-160-256

Manual Prober TMPF-160-256

This prober is for testing the cell lighting of small panels with front-side contact terminals such as organic TFT-LC displays. CCD camera and backlight can be combined as options.

Original Contacts

Developed with in-house FPC production know-how, bump FPCs offer several merits that are put to maximum use with diverse Taiyo Industrial products. By adopting a bump probe formed on a high-definition line, contact can be made with terminals spaced at pitches that pose inspection difficulties for conventional pin probes.

Bump Probe Merits
Can be used with narrow pitch boards that presented contact difficulties with pin probes.
Causes less dents with tested boards than pin probes.
Multiple bumps can be formed per contact.

Taiyo Industrialfs manual probers that fuse technologies from FPCs and inspection systems are growing in demand for inspections of flat panels (LCDs for cell phones, car navigation systems, digital cameras, etc.), star products to watch from here out.