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Inspection and Process Control

Inspection process with the latest facilities

Electron microscopeNeedless to say, inspections are very important as the final step of production. To enhance precision here, Taiyo Industrial introduced automated 2D/3D measuring systems, X-ray film measuring equipment and electron microscopes. Because fine pitched products like COF can have circuit patterns spaced as little apart as 10µm, we pursue the highest level of precision using the highest class of appearance checker in the industry. We apply technologies cultivated in the inspection system field to inspection work to make doubly sure of product quality. Moreover, to manage processing day-in day-out, we introduced an original production management system codenamed gTAPICS (Taiyo Process Information Control System)h that delivers both accuracy and efficiency. To keep pace with trends toward finer and more sophisticated circuitry, Taiyo Industrial turns to the latest equipment and a workflow that reduces mistakes to a minimum.

COF (Chip on film)Automated 2D/3D measuring systemOriginal production management system gTAPICSh