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Primary Processing

Hardware for Meeting Diverse Needs

To shorten the production process, drilling, routing and through-hole plating are performed simultaneously to film deposition, but here, too, careful attention must be paid to processing accuracy.
As a part of that effort, Taiyo Industrial introduced a high-precision drilling machine for through-hole processing and built a system for flexibly adapting to customized plating requirements in the through-hole plating line that follows drilling.

Exposure Accuracy

With a finished photomask, it is never an overstatement to identify exposure as the primary factor in good vs. bad patterning. Dust and foreign matter are greatly minimized by our cleanroom. In the preliminary processing of the patterning and etching stages, equipment accuracy and countermeasures to dust and foreign matter are absolutely necessary, but none as much as a stern eye for minimizing the occurrence of rejects.

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