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CAD Pattern Design

Patterns are swiftly designed at workstations that network servers and clients. A vast amount experience and know-how are the means for quickly and accurately producing the right pattern. Obviously, an exact copy of a prototype pattern does not exist. By injecting new improvements to CAD work, state-of-the-art technology can be applied to the objective and customized designs that surpass conventional production methods for flexible printed circuit boards can be willfully undertaken.

Photomask Production

The finalized CAD data is output as a photomask. Because it can effect all subsequent processing, careful attention must be paid to accuracy when making the photomask.To boost the accuracy of the photomask image, data compiled over years of hard work and the desire to improve precision are absolutely essential. In an environment where FPC board pitches reach 10 µm, even a 1-µm speck of dust is a prototype-ending threat.Though manufacturing equipment and processes are constantly being improved, it is even more important that engineers are highly motivated so that any dust does not infiltrate the work.