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What We, Taiyo Industrial, Can Do

New models of information tools and home appliances are always being announced. Though this is accepted as an everyday event, a tremendous amount of scrapping-and-building goes into developing a new product to ensure the quality that Japan is proud of.

FPC for digital camera

* FPC for digital camera

For example, take the position of a single digital camera button; it is a long repeated process of trial and error to find what is comfortable to the user and allows natural operation. It involves remaking not only the casing but also the electrical circuits that the button operates. To enhance product quality within a set development period, the only way is to shorten the time allotted to prototyping and repeat the process as many times as needed. While being pressured by time, accuracy is additionally demanded, which makes work that much more intense.

Taiyo Industrial operates in the field of FPC (flexible printed circuit) boards. More so than mass-producing these products, we specialize in the quick production of prototypes and development products. Yet, it does not come easy delivering these prototypes and development products in a single day. Taiyo Industrial can do it because we have a database of an endless number of prototypes as a backbone, a vast repertoire of technologies featured by fine pitch printing and extensive manufacturing know-how for producing sound quality in a short amount of time.

FPC flaw detection in appearance check

* FPC flaw detection in
appearance check

Because Taiyo Industrial is experienced in FPC production, we also know what inspection processes are need to ensure the quality of finished products. We can, for example, easily find defective points on a PCB using our inspection system that would normally be passable without our comprehensive knowledge of electronic materials. We have the technical expertise to deliver to deliver total support from the manufacturing phase to inspection.

It is a demanding world that insists upon both speed and precision. Taiyo Industrial is happy to play a useful part in dealing with that and we are confident that we can. The electronic components manufacturing industry continues to achieve new heights, and so the world of gwhat we can doh continues to grow.