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Cam Lever Style Contact T-CLIP


  • Easy to contact to fine pitch patterns with cam lever
  • Fine pitch inspection such as 60ƒÊm is available
  • Best tool as PDP and LCD inspection fixture !

T-CLIP is a brand new inspection fixture that is incredibly durable and accurate. T-CLIP uses bump FPC technology that allows for 60 ƒÊm fine pitch inspection, which is normally difficult for pin probes. However unlike pin probes, T-CLIP causes very little damage on objects being inspected.

  • Light and operation confirmations are available before bonding of TCP or FPC
  • Supports a wide range of panel sizes, from big to small
  • Bump FPC technology allows contact with high-definition parts
  • High durability
  • Safer, minimizing dent deformations
  • Customizations available for a variety of devices (FPD, COF, TCP, PBC, etc.)

Supported terminal pitch min. 60ƒÊm
Supported number of terminals 1) Total pitch under 50mm
2) Tolerance of total pitch within 0.05%
Thickness of object t=25ƒÊm`t=5mm

Contact location

1) Top contact 2)Bottom contact
Contact weight 15gf/Pin (recommendation)
Contact durability over 100,000 times
temperature range

0Ž`70Ž(special specification is possible)

Various objects can be inspected