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For LCD panels / Contacts on 2 Sides


The TMPBF-65-960 is for testing the lighting of STN-LCDpanels. It is driven by an air cylinder, and can contact terminals on separate sides that are on different geometrical planes. Alignment is done manually while position verification is done through a CCD camera monitor.

Type For STN-LC panels
Dimensions W480mm‚˜D600mm‚˜H750mm
Weight 50kg
Applicable panel size 5.7 inches
Contact terminal pitch 65µ‚/190µ‚
Number of terminals 960/240 points
Alignment specification

XYθ axes adjustment mechanism provided (Panel stage)
Pitch direction adjustment mechanism provided (Probe heads)

Positional check via CCD camera
Pressure adjustment By adjustment of air supply pressure
Back-lighting CCFL lamp

* Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement of performance.
For details, contact Taiyo Industrial.