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Basic Stance

Taiyo Industrial Co., LTD. fully recognizes that global environmental protection is a serious problem facing all of mankind. We are, therefore, making efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, promote people- and environment-friendly initiatives and establish a better harmony with the global environment and the local communities that host us.

Environmental Policy

  • Undertake any and all means technically and financially possible to prevent pollution with our business activities, products and services, and continually improve environmental management systems aimed at protecting the environment.
  • Observe any and all requirements stipulated in concerned environmental laws, regulations and agreements.
  • Emphasize the below areas in promoting environmental protection activities.
    • 1) Resource and energy conservation
    • 2) Waste reduction
    • 3) Proper management of chemical substances
  • Set and periodically review objectives and targets for addressing the aforementioned areas.
  • Make this Environmental Policy known to all employees and disclose it to the general public upon request.

Yoshinori Hosoe
President, Taiyo Industrial Co., LTD.

Environmental Activities

  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Reduction of copy paper consumption
  • Reduction of waste
  • Proper management of chemical substances


ISO14001 ISO14001
Accredited date ; June 28, 2001
Compliant standard ; ISO14001F2015
Accredited sites ; Head Office Factory, Tokyo Office

ISO9001 ISO9001
Accredited date ; October 31, 1996
Compliant standard ; ISO9001F2015
Accredited sites ; Head Office Factory, Tokyo Office

Quality Policy

Our basic policy is to deliver "Absolute quality and customer satisfaction" and to aim for the following:

"Improvement and development of technology"
"Reliable quality assurance"
"Manufacturing of products which customers are satisfied with"
"Trustworthy delivery management"
"Satisfying price setting"

We continuously strive to improve our customers' satisfaction. We operate a quality management system to maintain our customers' trust in the quality of our service and products.

Yoshinori Hosoe
President, Taiyo Industrial Co., LTD.