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Dec.1960 Launched business to export textile printing roll engraving and plating to USA.
May 1969 Started manufacturing outer blade of electric razor by electroforming process.
Apr.1981 Started manufacture of printed circuit boards. Newly created Electronics Division for precision photo engraving, printed circuit boards and electronic production machinery.
Jan.1983 Obtained UL standard to manufact board for export to USAure printed circuit.
Apr.1984 Introduced a computer graphic processing system (Taiyo CAD System-1).
Jun.1986 Opened Tokyo Branch in Minato-ku.
Feb.1987 Established/invested Mirac Corp. (Share :then now, consolidated subsidiary) and started operation of 33.3%, mirror surface inspection machine.
Jan.1988 Completed prototype model of auto inspection machine for printed circuit board.
Jun.1989 Started enginerring for printed circuit board.
Sep.1989 Opened Kyushu plant in Akimachi, Kunisaki, Oita.
The Tokyo Branch moved to Chiyoda, Tokyo.
Mar.1993 Turned Mirac Corp. (Share : 100%) into a subsidiary.
Apr.1995 Newly built factory for processing FPCs.
Oct.1996 Acquired ISO9001 for company-level quality assurance.
Jun.1998 Introduced production information management system (TAPICS-I) for FPCs.
Apr.1999 Completed phase 3 equipment (multilayered circuit boards) investment for FPC processing factory.
Jan.2001 Newly built No. 2 factory at Kyushu Plant.
Jun.2001 Acquired ISO14001 for Head Office and Plant, and Tokyo Branch.
Aug.2001 Newly built factory wing for high-definition FPCs and completed phase 5 equipment investment.
Dec.2001 Created MIRAC Co., LTD. as wholly-owned subsidiary.
Nov.2002 Received Kinki Invention Award and Patent Office Award of Excellence.
Dec.2004 Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
Aug.2005 Opened Shanghai Liaison Office in China.
Nov.2005 Formed business alliance with Kyoei System.
Dec.2006 Newly established a factory for PCB inspection equipments at the head office.
Mar.2007 Established TAIYO TECHNOLEX (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Bangkok, Thailand.
Nov.2007 Opened the Kawasaki Branch in Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki.(closed in February2011)
May 2009 Acquired Micro Engineering Co., Ltd(Became a 100% shareholder).
Jun.2011 Established TAIYO TECHNOLEX (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China (Subsidiary company).
Jul.2015 Opened Taipei representative office in ROC Taiwan.
Jan.2016 Flexible printed circuit board (FPC) and bare board electrical testing system TY-CHECKER model DS series were selected as “MONODZUKURI” New Selection in KANSA by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Feb.2018 Received "Platinum Kurumin" Special Certificate for Childcare Support, based on Next Generation Development Support Measures Promotion Law and highest certificate "Eruboshi ("L Stars" in Japanese, L stands for "Lady, labor and laudable"), based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the workplace, from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. ・Awards for Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement and Marrge & Childcare Support from Wakayama Prefecture.
Sep.2018 Started services for industiral robot system integration.
Aug.2021 Tokyo branch moved in Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo.
Dec.2021 Micro Engineering Co., Ltd. (Consolidated subsidiary) was merged into Taiyo and started the business operation as Taiyo's Osaka branch.(closed in September2022)
Mar.2022 Certified as Excellent Health Management Corporation 2022 (Small and medium-sized corporate sector).
Mar.2022 Certified as National resilience contribution group(Resilience Certificate).